haibun, Haiku, Poetry, we write poems


soft still freedom sounds
babbling baby bears fruit
blazing barriers

dawn quietly breaks awakening exhaustion one realizes the reality of being alive. the bombs continue nonstop. our daily routine has changed to survival. lives once held so carelessly have now changed to blood bones and please breathe. praying to our god for safety. leaving home we search for lost freedom to return. a candle burns bringing light and warmth to the darkest dark where there is no path.

we write poems: haibun; one single impression: underground

3WW, short story


three word wednesday: brazen, hunger, nuzzle
photo: little soldier, kimtojin, flickr

discovering the cure enabled one to forego the everyday attempt of simple gestures. dodging dialogue.  acknowledging the frail. bypassing a morning kiss. a nuzzle of intimacy. hello. yes, i know, i haven’t been a lot of here lately. everything involved the cure and there was no space left to absolve his losing ground. the hunger of the hunter never rested. once the sun set it was a race to find refuge from the brazen onslaught of the unseen enemy.


love breathing

three word wednesday: frail, sacred, amaze
photo:  gasitech, flickr

we’re in love….
with the blue expanse above
with the 2-door sexy fire engine red convertible bmw my friend just took me for a ride 
with the frail freedom we so freely embrace
with the birth of unborn love
with the cost of never letting go
with the having won a hard fought battle that cost everything
with the perfectly run half-marathon under two hours
with the lifelong secret sacred dream coming true
with the first flower of spring’s approach yellow crocus blooming

amaze! we’re in love