pink saturday


beverly’s pink saturday
photo: Petals fall from her glance, ~ geisha ~, flickr

waiting was always a weak point
impatience poured out
in a rainbow array of flowing water
tiny bubbles communally commuting

listening was a distraction
the songs served in continuous rhythm
dripping water from a spout
left unrestrained

expectations began to brew
a remembrance eerily recalled
fluttering flowers cascading
unannounced deluge

sniffing the quiet, nose lifted
a sweet scent arose
pink pretty rose petals

reckoning suspended
considering, fated to stay
slowly sipping a beer

soon the snow began to fall
lightly constrained
the open window told tales
reflecting a white misty veil

watching, as a witness
merry laughter smiled
moving snow drifts
discounting the current country song
something about cadillacs and hillbilly music

3WW, Napowrimo


Pia pick this week….Bones weekly three word wednesday
3WW No 80 prompt: parallel, bounce mysterious
photo: darksmile, Darkwaters73, photobucket

Dark Smile
leaving the light on started it all
bouncing in a parallel shift
the mysterious one revealed himself
with a smile

day 3 of ReadWritePoem–napowrimo.. April 30 days 30 poems prompt.. be sure to stop by napowrimo for others who are participating