resting near the
narrow stream

his spent spirit
received the vision

horses galloping
thunderous roar

kaleidoscope colors
transparent shades

his chanting echoes
caught a glimpse

manifest invisible
history fishing
* * * * * * *
Bones 3 word wednesdayprompt offers this week, XCV: history, narrow, spent
photo: still water and stones, circulating, flckr



gentle nudge peeling layers
shuck silent troubles

perplexed by pressure
crystal chandeliers falling
wet flood spattered floors

ticking clock erased
paperless fragments flying
border crossing yield

sanctuary found
there beside the willow tree
bitter taste revealed
* * * * * * * *

SundayScribblings No 117 topic: vision;
photo: World Traveler, NatureWalk, flickr


to write

Friday 5 this week prompt: duple, scheme, vintage, harbor, cease

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this strange madness
is a hard task master

beneath the scheme
of vintage writings

lies a quiet harbor
tending to unilluminate

the shadowy presence
of splintered visions

racing through crowded skies
in waves unrestrained

acknowledged with motion
the will to nurture and compose

painted bright the soul
pen and thoughts duple

the dream-like disquiet
ceases from flight

serenity cascades as water
upon this edge of thirst