benign here

does there have to be a reason
sitting alongside to next across the street

whenever the sun smiles watching the light lift
withered wings appear appeased

writing a word and then another
one sentence starts to sing

fairy forgiven hands slay dishonor
feet walking away from here

another approach turns three times
the newness smells so sweet

my every day journal entry. page possibly 7. i’ve lost count. day 7.
weather outside is cold and wet with a chilling wind. just the way i like  it.


A Vacation

photo: steven b king

 ..can one feel overwrought and long for freedom’s flight from here to there w/o care?…

taken by surprise
scattered among the stars
eternity glides

sheer window echoes
soundless waves of unseen time
naked and revealed

wingless flight from here
where worlds collide and clatter
passage without path

vaporous lines sketched
dispatched the voices unheard
navigating sightless