Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem


read write poem napowrimo day 20 the hero poem. write a poem in which you pay tribute to your hero, past or present; photo: Casting the Net, Anua22a, flickr

today was a revelation of 
small harmonic melodious meanderings

perceptive pondering pockets, places of small spaces
not one hero came to mind, a beguiling lucuna daze
casting a celestial net in the hope of turquiose waters
the heart cries return to me a catch of somebody someone

in the quiet of a tree’s shade a breeze burst loose
in light leisure immeasure degrees
tiny little threads of gossamer contentment
appear and unfold as petals of a tulip
in the humid heat of a quiet afternoon
under a pink blooming  blossoming tree
oh yes, i remember…