thommyg’s three word wednesday. this week’s three: budge, nimble, theory
photo:  Sonia’s Images (on & off), flickr

perched heavenward
she wasn’t gonna budge
she’d been up there quite awhile

a nimble mind easily submits
to the sober soaring sublime
connected up there
where the wind comes
and trembles the leaves

daylight spinned flawlessly
casting charm to everyday choices
easing her mountain forward

there dwells an obscure
theory she has unearthed a
lofty point of view

totally optional prompts

shifting seasons

barefoot butterfly blues
simmering sunshine
approaching autumn witness

enchanted enticing
drawn to the day
rest in a womb of stillness
under the old oak tree
finding lost

raging yellow, burnt orange
bright red, barely green
cascading leaves
tiny trailing traces
sleepy distracted tree
crunching carpet

open a book
turn a page
read a line
find a way
previously unknown

denying the dark
opening a locked door
slices of smoked cheese
and red merlot wine

sharing with no one in particular
surrounded by caring friends
the world turns slowly
between the hours of
dusk and dawn
* * * * * * * * * * *
Totally Optional Promps (TOPS) this week: discoveries
photo: The Road Less Travelled, justpedalhard, flickr


Altered State

Surealist Self Image

high on the hill
telepathic timid tree
fingertips sprouting

living visible
upside down
branching out
room to run

different does
the day declare
magnified mumbo-jumbo
hungar to depart
this ancient ground

absent feet
gravity grounded
waiting wondering watchtower
percolating perch
remote roots
if only…
* * * * *
Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: surealist selfportrait, jypcee, photobucket

interesting prompt this week, michelle…. at first had no thoughts as to where to begin… and to find it is a self portrait all the more interesting…