pink saturday, short story

post it note

beverly’s pink saturday
photo: missvivien, flickr

there was something left over from our yesterday… i thought it may have something to do with you and what you said. something i didn’t see but you did. unexpected, underneath rippling wet splash

and here now mingling with today there’s that word, interchangeable… later what you saw when you seen the way we wrapped around the noon hour. do you always rise up early or only when the light wakes you?

shall we persist in the tongue barrier of written notes?  it would be much more meaningful if we gathered our sources of limitless language and continued meeting at the noon hour…a few dusty books on your side and a tattered dog-eared page left open on mine

a single sharing of duplicated thought or the invisible lust, plurality of words; listening, we heard the song she wrote in an afterthought of possibilities. something about desire, and finding a way

we can live in kismet now, and later in reminiscing we’ll recall a lifetime of crossing back and forth, only the tide and movement of the moon directing the currency of departure and arrival


4 beat measure

once in the light
glimmer captured
foreign and alive

wolf in waiting
whale turning
splash of running wind

fast and wild
could not capture
the taste of wet water

fluid forms
shadows shining
beneath the swelling seas

broken shell
biting wind
guarded paws wander

howling heard
far afield
i recognize the sound
** *** *** **
weekend wordsmith: ripple
photo:  inua, flickr



when i watch you
the smile of our journey
shines back at me

when i watch you
our young dreams
float by on a yellow raft
heading everywhere

when i watch you
the widest ocean
cannot contain
the possibilities
in the blue colored
sky of your eyes

ReadWritePoem #30: Write a poem about the first line from Lucille Clifton’s poem, miss rosie. …when i watch you….
photo: floating by, originally uploaded by millicent_bystander.



water drops

Water drops

Water drops

crossroad connection
concede for contemplation
full pages transmit

so much inbetween
forgotten and remembered
weightless shifting sand

life’s tasty morsels
sweet, savoring and devine
appetite aroused

darkened roads transfuse
tarnished memories bite hard
changed my beating heart

now perches nearby
testing the cool calm birth
tomorrow’s coming

one single impression no 13: reflecting
photo: water drops, shakespit