short story, SundayScribblings


Sunday Scribblings No 186: Shame
photo: Pink revelations, comeilsoledagosto, flickr

now. unaware of the tale he continued to focus on what was ahead. the heat bringing an anxious thirst looking toward the village afar off he should arrive within the hour and drink from the cool spring waters. aware of everything, she is waiting with little worry. borrowing a dress the ghost hid in plainsight withdrawn in bright pink. suppressed the untouched smiles behind the brilliant concealed eyes conserve. with swift steps toward tomorrow a promise gathers in a net of now, extemption engages.

later. a wonder of tender escapes and breathes beyond the hush-hush creating waves of beginnings between. soon sorrow starts to slide slowly down the first chapter written in words describing scandal releases a stain. dark velvet bookcovers worn thin with tides, pages erased the odium walks away leaving freedom for anyone who once concealed.

undisguised. afterwards the scar erased. de novo.