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MindLoveMiserysMenagerie – First Line Friday “I’m bought and worn, but I ain’t no dupe.”

it’s something you don’t normally remember once you’ve left. here’s the story… in that moment that i was sitting down, i was also looking up and that’s when i saw this very line written in a beautiful script upon the wall of the inner sanctum of a women’s bathroom toilet. without cause, i could not help but to wonder at the poet’s source for celebrating her status. here in this place claiming her power beyond inquiry. how and who was i to question, but to join and celebrate her claim. yes, i too was a wee bit tattered but not tainted.



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he noticed the situation had become concerning. fumbling with familiar feelings, just as quickly his anger dissipates in a fog of reason and compassion. heart-rending, wretched and yearning, he concluded there’s no way he was gonna find the truth.  too deep, too wide, he’d end up drowning in the effort. dreaming of freedom he grasped at the clasp. appeased within he turned, breathing deep dropped his suitcase and started again as if he never packed.

sunday writing – choosing your context He noted the situation had become grim/concerning/chucklesome.


is this a test

3WWW this week prompt: absent, notebook, persuade

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walking along the boardwalk
i spy a lone spot beckoning
in subtleties of quietude

sitting on the weathered bench
watching the waves below
a spell is cast

mezmerizing moments
filled with melodic crashing sounds
carried on the back of
the setting sun’s reflections
touching the moving waters

drifting with the ocean’s current
shifting spirit and conscious
the absent perceives sight
and is persuaded to travel
beyond the present blue

yielding to the blissful
weightlessness of time
bringing my notebook
seems senselessly silly

details of this nature
are bound wingless
and silently discarded