full moon tide

3www: errant, murky, hanker
photo: backstroke, hiddentime, flickr


backstroke covers everything
concentrate the rhythm
murky mystic mountain
errant waters collide
instant intervals fast and steady
remind me of the reason

we chat often in a backstroke rhythm. across the watered miles our voices hanker for a trusted touch. we concentrate on errant sighs separating past present stretches. we kick with splashing motions,  the mayday mentions of meeting once again.

Napowrimo, PoefusionFriday5


Poefusion Friday Five: splinter, distractions, modler, votive, punctuate
photo: michael, sja30044, flickr

watching him swim
molder of dreams
diverting beautiful distractions

splinters cascading
rainbow waterdrops
punctuate his liquid wake

vaporous votive secrets
announce unheard
over the loud crackling speakers
tangible flluid sounds

day 24 NaPoWriMo



SundayScribbings No. 101 The Experiment
photo: flamingoes, khamburger, photobucket


exciting her usual
placid peaceful perseity
the distracted white rabbit
allowed her access
to what was
previously impassable

placading the placebo
fear faded and her
sense of wonder expanded

as she shifted closer
with breaknecking speed
suspicions slowly seeped
from underneath
the seams of normality

flying without wings
in a parade of colors
disappearing smiles
in puffs of fading lettered smoke
questioned her reasoning

hesitating little
she tasted the other
smaller than the larger
previously sampled

swimming for answers
the edge crawled closer
with teacups and 3 card riddles
red paintbrushes and mock turtle soup

with a taste and a yawn
in a fluttering wind
the trial ends
experiment over