Poetry, SundayScribbling2


sunday scribbling-2 sweeping the threshold

he came back again
came in just as he went out
bright beautiful possibilities
too soon torn down torment
spitfire swimming in a fast current tide

3 days was all
started in the kitchen
cleaned out the cupboards
discovering the neglected, the left behind
the overlooked and forgotten
in the color of blue

it’s queerly quiet now
the river rapids slow
rain falls steady
the gray sky speaks
rooftop soothing patter
window weary wonder

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



impossible yet fierce
the pressure of possibilities
knocks and knocks

barking orders back to back
a might of imagination
happens to hear

without ears to listen
where weight weighs in
the pounds politely push

smoke ring blowing circles
ten timid voices climb to question
risk and reason remain

the promise of life
apostrophe might possess
broom sweeping scare of sagacity

* * * * ** * * * * **** * * * * * * **

sunday whirl: wordle no 116