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scatter the stark sight that sees
intimate concrete circle
sorrowful strain secretes so silent

built by bare homeless hands
striking pounding quiet queer
desperate deeds race with no end

illuminate the isolate
open window wallow
un-hitch the tether tight

purchase a longing perhaps
bent by being a body bare
incentive invitation signed sincerely

deciding not to go
already there, waiting
the guest list grows

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
sunday whirl: wordle no 121

….places some people go time and time again, while others never not once. nor notice… 

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balloons 1

savor the softness of rain
one drop rooted to another
caressing the cares
beneath a dry blue sky eruption

black colored crows colloquy
loud laughter lounges
passersby peek out polite
backseat driver butterfly

baby girl exiguous
scarce the heat of another
delicate desire buried mist
last drop love parched lips

waiting wind wanders weightless
vegetation velocity
sticky stories planted firm
blame a bunch of balloons

footpath approaching
wide open wishes
backyard roaring thunder
a million drops wet explosion

his strength turns my square round
our dark cell dungeon delights
neutral shadows move along
eroded errors engine roar

starting brand new weather
clear calm coming home
shiny diamond ring religion
we still don’t know the way

* * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * *
sunday whirl: wordle number 119; magpie tales no 179

…when i saw this photo my immediate reaction was to smile… .i could not help but to remember a ride similar to this…

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



impossible yet fierce
the pressure of possibilities
knocks and knocks

barking orders back to back
a might of imagination
happens to hear

without ears to listen
where weight weighs in
the pounds politely push

smoke ring blowing circles
ten timid voices climb to question
risk and reason remain

the promise of life
apostrophe might possess
broom sweeping scare of sagacity

* * * * ** * * * * **** * * * * * * **

sunday whirl: wordle no 116

Poetry, sunday whirl



sunday whirl: wordle 114

hanging the mess of want out to dry
tellurian text files pale in laundries lie
wrap around clouds waterfall answers

wooden clothespins constrain
coverings of complex colors
calling out clear
soft skin spoken words

clothesline convergence
gaslight deserted corner
black and white witness
class bell clangs

wet with washing
pale panting still
watching wind carried away
our ragged breath quiets

horizontal landscapes edge
small forest fusion
washday comes and goes

… small timeless notes…. last time i hung laundry out the bugs just about ate everything…. one of the leftovers from the eastest of east texas… younger living on the california coast hanging laundry was a breeze… the scent of ocean curling around my mind…. 

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Wind Sock Photo

inherit winds
blue believability
shifting deeper dim

umbrella blue mist
gracious gloom hovering hum
stray cloud stew and stir

childhood charm shifts
underneath umbrella warm
tied to thunder bolts

wet shoes excuses
stand still splash display
vowed voice uttering

become light joined jolt
driving west freeway folly
nearing night complete

storm clouds have moved in…. gone are the calm bluest of blue cloudless skies offering warmth and renewal… replaced by rainbow gray puffy fast moving clouds and then again i look and see streaming wispy clouds…. constant change…. find myself driving a lot lately…. east a-ways then heading west a-ways.. while driving hands on the wheel looking out beyond the clear windshield the clouds speak as they quickly pass… 


one single impression no 242: free. sunday whirl wordle 78: umbrella, deeper, inherit, excuses, stand, become, thunder, childhood, joined, vowed, shifts, light;
photo: windsock, cubagallery, flickr