sunday whirl, wordle


image Sunday Whirl : wordle 216

really ripe reality
sprouts simple and soft
along two dotted lines

sunshine drizzle
sheets of unbelievable
the seashore waves

whispering wind wander
furthering far footsteps
zephyr sea breeze downpour

traveling silhouette
veiled heart beat
4 steps farther

forever glimmering face
6 seashells strong
from birth and beyond itself

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle

locked in


it was late, real late
the car broke down
so we had to walk
a long way walk

before long we were at the gate
fumbling with the latch
finally opened, all fret forgotten

carrying the both of us
we staggered homeward
passing the old tree
a sleepy owl suddenly
rose out of the dark night
his wingspan wide with wind

unaware we’re almost there
entwined at the crossroad of way past midnight
the closed space around us opens
unfastened fields that happen to flower
crocus sprouting white snow falling
first day glistening bloom

tiny threads of thoughts and thorns
a captured embrace compose
new found fevor flowering notes
hidden in his late night harmony

turning towards home
the last corner comes
beckoning as singing birds
too tired to press
suicide slumber swift
the feel of far away
the distant steps of mud stirring

sunday whirl: wordle 186

sunday whirl, wordle


sunday whirl: wordle 184

free falling from the blue sky her feet touch earth. barely audible only the birds appear to notice.

wearing her favorite dress with thirteen red poppies and a frivolous decision to wear summer sandals, the journey took a toll, there was a slight unforeseen tear.

her earthbound roots forever etched to her soul at times called out with little rest. strange how the root now ancient and gnarled still spoke with strength pulling her in a direction her literary heart was bound to.

carrying the heavy parcel her journey was soon to end once she delivered the grateful package.

with speedy recovery the words gathered in a whirlwind thanked her in apocalyptic sincerity knowing what was unknown to her.

in the midst of the wind whispering moments pass leaving faded few sprinkled inklings of her mortal epilogue.

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



one need invisible haunt
illuminates the nebulous night
small moon manifest so surely

nestled in marvelous remote
sustaining a lifeless omission
a quicksand quiet disturbance

sobering surreal impact
a dozen scenes frolic with foresight
half the price from yesterday

storm stewing atmosphere
a dozen trigger-happy wants
night and day diversion

distant destinations litter the heavens
here underneath the blue pool remains
another lap divine pushes off


sunday whirl: wordle no 143

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



just behind the quiet clouds
with feather floating finery
peers a morning moon spare and white

spacious in sound a whisper dismounts
settling softly nearby in open might
as a gentle man’s touch splashdown caress

distracted by ornamental open skies
the beckoning blues silently slip away
visceral expect not disappointment’s flickering light

dream driving west
struck by the stirring
so simple a soliloquy
sunday whirl  wordle 142