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sunday scribblings no 260 this week’s prompt: nearly
photo: wouldpkr, flickr

faced with revisions
she tied both shoes and left

unwillingly able and hardly disagreeable the
rattling rambling road turned up its nose and left

chicken scratch wanderings and corn fed heifers
the latched gate stopped holding its breath and left

back at the farm gregarious tameable tigers roared
the quiet away, frightfully forgetful the answers up and left

shadows singing merry, leftover living sweet banter,
released by kindred howling liberated wolves circled then left

climbing all day to reach the top of a distant hill
she faced the old memories just about gone

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only when i dance am i invisible

big tent poetry monday prompt: alliteration, pick a letter any letter and fly
sunday scribbling no 250: invisible [congrats “ss” 250 prompt!!]
photo: Robyn Hooz, flickr

at least once
a day
i step back
only slightly
to make sure
i’m still here
footstep free
a hundred miles
less than yesterday

the path i ponder
wonders aloud
so plainly attired in
colorful commotion
calamity and calm

with flowery flair
and secret signals
a haven of smoky puffs
soon surround
in powerful pursuit

and with a slightly distracted air
one speaks …and who are you?

seeing a slight
of shimmering
he snickers and spits
while whispering
mysterious addresses
designed to depart in
sightless swaying
cobweb sublet strings

knowing the way
he’s friendly and fierce
opening doors
beyond his sacred

hardly ever
do i hesitate
only when i
suddenly forget

and near the edge
of this day’s light
i hear a holler so

come home soon
we all miss you

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sunday scribblings: alchemy
photo: aristotle

while working late
under a quiet clear heavenly night
an unquenchable thirst arose
my throat dry and parched

mixing an elixir
of rainbow mist
a splash of yellow fire
and a dash of kosher salt
a manifestation of movement materialized
upon a dish of this and that

he smiled sincerely
we exchanged hellos
and now homunculus

my new best friend
who always accompanies me
we travel everywhere
and nowhere
seeking secrets of
paragon perfection

together in our endeavor
we live forever
observing worlds
hatching, exploding
forming and spinning
racing for renewal

sometimes we find time
to boil, cure and separate
discovering doubtless derivatives
and now we embrace the essence of rose