here i am

the other day, i think it was tuesday afternoon, i realized i’ve been sleeping alone. happily roaming from side to side in simple satisfaction. when the prickly sheets became too familar i’d roll over to the other side, the quiet soothing sheets cool and crisp anticipating my sleepy warm body. peeking all along, reality radiates before me questioning my stinging surprise. i alone sans souci creating a collection of memories without a second thought. harvesting delineated colors casually registering the saturated brush on the crazy sometimes chaotic canvas of my existence. how could one be complete without the other terra incognita? curiously i could not help but to ponder, awakened from his slumber does he too wait for me to notice the unhurried element of emptiness. suppose we came close, nonchalantly heading our billowing sails into a different wind, shifting the cosmic kismet decree. a transitory waterway facing the next sunset we travel onward. you and i we wander undiscovered side by side. secret shadowed mirror smiling in sincerity reflects we’ve past once before.
* * * * * * * * * *
SundayScribblings No 124 topic: observation; photo: here i am…., Unfurled, flickr