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incoming reality
fast moving train
strong winds wild storm
too sharp a turn

tree limb twisting
root bound hope
terra firma cleave

crumbling core
shattered bones
it’s never gonna be the same

bend finding purpose
potent patches applied
needle and thread
mend a perfect seam

poet’s note: day 10 of napowrimo and all is well. taking my cue from MMM saturday mix, opposing forces pick one break and mend or imprison and free

Poetry, we write poems

bad weather

we write poems: wordle ;
photo: Calm HorizonHeaven`s Gate (John), flickr

the drought appeared
landing in a helicopter
whirlwind circle

the day filled with a
bad happy birthday cake
candle circle sorrow

glacial berg ice cold
the drown of a distant sea
numb nervous hot desert sand

mad and hardly obsess-ive
the carbon of my being

*and the wonderful miss lena horne who recently past away here’s her 1943 rendition of stormy weather