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only when i dance am i invisible

big tent poetry monday prompt: alliteration, pick a letter any letter and fly
sunday scribbling no 250: invisible [congrats “ss” 250 prompt!!]
photo: Robyn Hooz, flickr

at least once
a day
i step back
only slightly
to make sure
i’m still here
footstep free
a hundred miles
less than yesterday

the path i ponder
wonders aloud
so plainly attired in
colorful commotion
calamity and calm

with flowery flair
and secret signals
a haven of smoky puffs
soon surround
in powerful pursuit

and with a slightly distracted air
one speaks …and who are you?

seeing a slight
of shimmering
he snickers and spits
while whispering
mysterious addresses
designed to depart in
sightless swaying
cobweb sublet strings

knowing the way
he’s friendly and fierce
opening doors
beyond his sacred

hardly ever
do i hesitate
only when i
suddenly forget

and near the edge
of this day’s light
i hear a holler so

come home soon
we all miss you

Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem

file and forget

read write poem: napowrimo no 5, make your poetry personal. this is an interesting prompt today. my thoughts, we place ourselves in everything we write some more shielded than others some oh so transparent. so giving license to expose all with a creative kinky splash why not??!! sounds like a challenge i could not resist. fantasy fiction art in its truest form.
photo: Massimo Pelagagge, flickr

patiently popping bottle tops
collecting delusional diamonds
pink strappy sandals
a light airy opine

hallucinating haughty
intermittent frequency
especially so the housework
dust so dull
vacuum vacuous sneeze

heading homeward
the company comes calling
normal misconception
fantasy feigning floozy

caught 12 spiders
charlotte comes too
there’s no recognition
secrete spin and stash


once more

 three word wednesday  january 14, 2009: entwine, forfeit, tryst
photo: Ian Livesey, flickr

this morning i noticed the calendar
hanging on the wall
January 2009
it’s almost been a year

inanimate timeline
just out of reach
i cannot accept just yet

we talk almost every day
over lonely morning coffee

entwined we are
flesh and spirit

each night just before
i close my eyes
i turn reaching across
to your empty side
and kiss you goodnight
sweet dreams

i would forfeit
everything here
to be with you there

as always you smile
lean over, and
kiss me back

i cannot help
but long for you

i gently plead
when no one sees
a tryst of time
again, with you
a small forever

for a dear friend counting days without him. russ and linda a life interruped. linda, i love you dearly…. previous posts are here


terminally terra firma

peeking past the dilemma
the sweet scent
of pink carnations
aroused a persuasion
a rainbow of soul substance

drifting off to there
was so much more pleasant
than here

a far field
filled with an
unforgetful fragrance

emersing essence
seductive strengthening squeeze
capturing quickly
marvelous madness

lacking gravity
two clay feet floating
cosmic compost

absolute comes calling
indoctrinating echoes
time to take a turn

back to blue sky
earthbound stories
written in a book
on a page
reciting a poem
*** *** *** *** ***
pink saturday post every saturday is pink…. for me, it all started with a scent..
photo:  stephen_pix. flickr