huis clos

three word wednesday: drain, epic, nibble
photo: Jason Webber, flickr

35 strokes is all it takes to hit the concrete wall and roll over. two feet firmly planted, push off and begin all over again. a small splash of chorinated water seeps in telling me it’s almost tuesday. cannot help but to nibble at the thought of a perfect workout. in the motion of movement there is an epic passion let loose secreting tiny drops of liquid knowledge one has in exploring the tiny caves of rumination. the drain of desire, the intrusion of attachment, there’s none here only the constancy of connection, water evolution. kicking in a concentrated rhythmic power pattern…i can hear the voice of my coach from 20 years ago…two arms react in a smooth arc of motion…now i’m getting somewhere. the unbearable lightness of being tells me so.

reference….thanks squires


full moon tide

3www: errant, murky, hanker
photo: backstroke, hiddentime, flickr


backstroke covers everything
concentrate the rhythm
murky mystic mountain
errant waters collide
instant intervals fast and steady
remind me of the reason

we chat often in a backstroke rhythm. across the watered miles our voices hanker for a trusted touch. we concentrate on errant sighs separating past present stretches. we kick with splashing motions,  the mayday mentions of meeting once again.



Doc Gooden

feeling the ball
his palm grasp
the knowledge
of spin

specks of decision
fell like a steady rain
eyeing his catcher
they spoke a
silent language

his youthful heart
jumped a pattern
of nervous beats
before imparting
a restful note

readying his stance
his two fingers played
the part so familar

focused with determination
the curve ball breezed
past the determined batter
with a strike

SundayScribblings No 113 topic: curves; photo: baseball cards, photobucket; more info on doc aka dwight gooden and doc today

Napowrimo, OneSingleImpression


one single impression no 9: flowering…
photo: pollen, bberzolla, photobucket


seeking seeds breeze bears
disembarking waiting fields
wet rains fetch gravy

gathering brown leaves
heaps of last fall piled high
cycled seasons pass

snow melting reveals
waiting young green early blooms
pallet cold cool earth

warm sunshine arrives
spreading kosmic rays of strength
new birth inhales

* * * * * *

mr, baseball–jackie robinson, too good to share.. interesting story….

appearing perfect
his swing met the fast curve ball
breaking old records

another day of day 29 NaPoWriMo