3WW, short story

white seal

thommyg’s three word wednesday: gentle, praise, vulgar

rolling with the strong current he relaxed the gentle pull of fear caught in the small center of his stomach. knowing the sea he chanted a song to the sea spirit full of praise for the highs and lows of the tide which fed the village. gazing upon the prize he secured his catch and swam upwards. no longer filled with weariness the end of the day brought him upward to the surface air he was born to breathe. though they thought his appearance especially vulgar his swaying song caught them all in a net of tranquility. given a drink that ceases all thirst and fish that never spoils the village lived peacefully in the place where dawn begins.



Poefusion Friday 5 Friday 5 is a collection of five words which can be found each week. you choose to write a poem or story with five words. This week’s prompt: fling, cranberry, winsome, prey, wacky
photo: wild winds background, petspage, photobucket

Wild Winds Background

deep in desert dunes the
wild winds filing the
spirits abroad

traversing sandy carpets
nomadic invisibles
mingle with hiding
prey undercover

drawn to the
outcrop of rocks the
wind tarries
their journey in
momentary pause

winsome spirits they
crave the quacky events
of the lively living

quietly gathered
scanning┬áVegas’ distant lights
silent sweet murmurs
dreamers dreaming
to taste the perfect
cranberry cosmo

requesting flight
the wild winds pick up
their passengers the
next destination awakens