monday poetry train, Poetry


monday poetry train revisited no 56

night stirs the stillness
cool wind canters
waiting siren yields

embrace the deluge
surrounded by desert
where does the tide conceive

inaudible noise captures a note
beyond the winter tempest
uncharted wanderings

waiting on the corner
dreaming of salvation
she misses her bus

Poetry, totally optional prompts


falling silent snow writes a blank page
written in haste he leaves a blank page

forgotten too soon her watered eyes wet tears
gathering love lost sorrow stains a blank page

walking wingless her footprints howl
loitering lament her life turns a blank page

wondering why sorrow seeks soothing solace
farseeing the future discovers a blank page

humming silently OMB observes silent snow falling 
sweet laughter lights the flame ignite a blank page
* * * * * * * * * *
totally optional prompts: ghazal
photo: Snow Geese Fall Flight Bokeh, Fort Photo, flickr