3WW, Poetry

stop over

three word wednesday: acrid,  bane, tepid ; photo: modestChar Y., flickr

sitting outside in the summer cool dark blue
the tepid terror of night negate
that bad dream 4 nights in a row

four sided cardboard bundle
container of curses, weigher of weights
observing objectively, hardly a peep

taste the acrid trace of truculent left overs
breezin’ by a wayward whirlwind
bringing home the thrown out lost

the tepid touch of long gone perished
chatting up an electrical storm
frizzes the hair badly



one single impression no 50: movement
photo: bufivla, flickr

awaken sleepless
purple magic light aglow
venus brews housecalls

hot peppermint tea
darknesss channels harmony
night sounds quiet light

subtle shifts of time
birdcalls que the ticking clock
sleepy musings sear

boiling water shrieks
whacky wet ringing wishes
pours the soothing tea

soon back to dreaming
drenched in lemon peppermint
backstroke cools the heat



dark night

perhaps it is the hour
when daylight is delayed
shrouded in sightless mystery
the blind focus of silent sounds

observe the subtle movement
witness the quiet steps
explore the evening edge
and peer the peaceful voluminosity

Bones 3WW weekly three word wednesday prompt No 87: delayed, edge, focus; photo: jaman84044, photobucket



photo: Dknemo, photobucket

the bones rattle loud
against the soundless walls
of yesterday biting hard

gathered in collusion
mumbling old stories
uninvited unremembered
heartless drifting guests

tiny wet tears gather 
speeding downward
toward rejection
dried without sorry
defending rights of passage

evading sleep squanders
listening to loud lamentations
wailing mysteries untold
hitched a ride for free

heavy with exhaustion
eyes unseeing
compassion sings softly
gentle soothing songs