OneSingleImpression, Poetry

without strings attached

clear window gazing
his silent simple footsteps
made way towards our home

knowing life waited
just as he left moons ago
glancing backwards blink

tearing through his flesh
blood bones memories spilling
all for liberty

ephemeral view
forever his first last breath
candle’s light burning

between his fingers
webbed in silence unobserved
my love weaved tightly

he’s never left me
the scent of his life lingers
between blood and bones
* * * * * * * * *
one single impression no 21: homecoming;
photo: David Tutwiler: Homeward Bound, freeparking, flickr


eternity smiled

today, tomorrow
i fell in love with right now
just a small moment ago

heard a concrete word
overflowing with meaning
beyond a touchable time

share with me this one
where a whisper lingers long
letting go you know

this moment has past
memorize within my soul
signaling anew
* * * * * *
readwritepoem prompt #40: be in the moment;
photo: only a foolish bird bark at a flying dog, payl, flickr

totally optional prompts

3 dog night

thirteen barking dogs
in a quiet neighborhood
safe sound and secure

one barks they all bark
intent on a job well done
satisfied they rest

green field wide open
ready to run, jump and play
collarless and free

* * * * * * * *
oh my gosh, there are more than enough dogs in my neighborhood… love animals, especially dogs as i have one of my own and she is a barker.. but some days, some days….
totally optional prompts: 3 dog poems;
photo: Something to Bark About, Blazingstar, flickr