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along the waterfront

read write poem: napowrimo day 11, the thing you didn’t choose
photo: Surfs up, lemondrop®, flickr

dearest ledge of the labellum
why didn’t i pick you
why did i walk away

this concrete crisis
detached dilemma
where does the head call home

longing and wailing
battle and bother
my secret revealed

toe tingling
merciful shores
the heart dives and descends

sand and sea
seep and soak
delightful dipp

nothin sticks
lint brush brawl
emancipation stroll

incarcerating indulgence
born by the sea
body swimmin blues

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem


read write poem: napowrimo no 1 shuffle a poem. 5 song titles write a poem
photo: there must be some way outta here


hey joe
always wondered
where you went

strolling a
still desert
suddenly singing
the wind cries mary

the taste
of gritty sand
brings back the red ring
stone free i’m
spared the stumble

traveling caravan
tinkling bells
bangles and charms
hidden from sight
little wing etched in ink

infinite grains
whirling webs
shifting sentiment
castles are made of sand


twinkle twinkle

a wee tiny stone
filled with enchantment
muttering loudly
destracting the dreamer

a million drops of time
gathered in a parable
cloistered in a jewel

thirsty for water
dry desert sand
shores of tomorrow
beckon in my hand

pink palace permeates
with ethereal elation
open red door communicates
a pebbled past

susurrus sounds
unnoticed in the wind
drifts in a tide of
laughter and bliss
* * * * * * *

Bones 3 word wednesday prompt offers this week: time, unnoticed, million
photo:: Let Me Fly..,HakanGil, flickr



the sea
sizzling hot sand

coarse sand
my feet burn

with everything
envision salty shores

singed soles
ignite cool waters

my eyes
swelling surf magnified

soothing breeze
heals the burn
* * * * * * * * *
ReadWritePoem #35: fun iin the sun. write a poem about something uncomfortable related to sun or sand or heat or beaches ; photo: Beach, Matty20, flickr