it’s not like before
i’m running faster now
it’s not a saunter
nor a stroll
i’m running a sweet 10K

a dream telling story
opening and closing doors
white winged secrets fly
a feather i possess

awakened i wander
remembering the run
through a thick forest

on my way
to there

being here, i’m there

3WW, Poetry

the quiet still of yes & no

thommyg’s 3 word wednesday latest prompt… 3 words: break negative surface
photo: Towel,  WHUhnnnnnnnn, flickr

running fast sometimes
breaks the prowling bad
that sticks sticky
to the skin of
my surfaced soul

the negative splash
dripping wet
cool kaleidoscopic monochrome
arrayed in candied crystal drops

squishy squish
my shoes sing
firmly fixed
the ground rolls

stability silly
i find home
a towel of tenderness
soft  & kind
drys the wicked away

OneSingleImpression, Poetry, tanka

running hard

one single impression: preponderance.
photo: wave panning, jim patterson, flickr

another intriguing word pick of the week, thank you deanna. considering this week’s word pick, i started cruising through some online dictionaries/thesaurus sites and i picked out words like power, control and force… later the idea of the power and endurance it takes to run distances.. how the disciplined mind has power over the physical to accomplish the goal. using the tanka form tried to embrace that feeling. this photo takes me right there running on the beach at the strand along hermosa and manhattan beach, ca.

willing spirit works
pacing intently focused
twelve miles to go
constant the movement forward
mindful the feet remain immune


love breathing

three word wednesday: frail, sacred, amaze
photo:  gasitech, flickr

we’re in love….
with the blue expanse above
with the 2-door sexy fire engine red convertible bmw my friend just took me for a ride 
with the frail freedom we so freely embrace
with the birth of unborn love
with the cost of never letting go
with the having won a hard fought battle that cost everything
with the perfectly run half-marathon under two hours
with the lifelong secret sacred dream coming true
with the first flower of spring’s approach yellow crocus blooming

amaze! we’re in love


competition: running

Sunday Scribbling Prompt: competition

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feeling alive and free
sports competition
saved my life

it was my only possession
everything else was fleeting
dark and sad

a young girl big family
unfamilar with life
walking the streets alone
trouble cast it’s shadow
at my feet

with a ball
life was everything
it wasn’t at home

running fast
worries couldn’t keep me
fear left behind
life was everything
open and smiling

sports was a focus
where there was none

home was violent
…life without living
…where i laid my head at night

later, much later
i still run
and sometimes
it saves my life…