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sunday scribblings: alchemy
photo: aristotle

while working late
under a quiet clear heavenly night
an unquenchable thirst arose
my throat dry and parched

mixing an elixir
of rainbow mist
a splash of yellow fire
and a dash of kosher salt
a manifestation of movement materialized
upon a dish of this and that

he smiled sincerely
we exchanged hellos
and now homunculus

my new best friend
who always accompanies me
we travel everywhere
and nowhere
seeking secrets of
paragon perfection

together in our endeavor
we live forever
observing worlds
hatching, exploding
forming and spinning
racing for renewal

sometimes we find time
to boil, cure and separate
discovering doubtless derivatives
and now we embrace the essence of rose

pink saturday


beverly’s pink saturday
photo: Petals fall from her glance, ~ geisha ~, flickr

waiting was always a weak point
impatience poured out
in a rainbow array of flowing water
tiny bubbles communally commuting

listening was a distraction
the songs served in continuous rhythm
dripping water from a spout
left unrestrained

expectations began to brew
a remembrance eerily recalled
fluttering flowers cascading
unannounced deluge

sniffing the quiet, nose lifted
a sweet scent arose
pink pretty rose petals

reckoning suspended
considering, fated to stay
slowly sipping a beer

soon the snow began to fall
lightly constrained
the open window told tales
reflecting a white misty veil

watching, as a witness
merry laughter smiled
moving snow drifts
discounting the current country song
something about cadillacs and hillbilly music



thomg three word wednesday: crush, knack, varied;
read write poem: naprowrimo day 3
photo: JVLIVS © ®™, flickr

sitting with others
she soon lost herself
in the crush of scented
lavendar and pink rose petals
gathered in a small echo of time

no longer participating
she simply moved with
the sway of varied winds
along the shoreline of
mystic rivers flowing

finding the knack
of effortless escape
became her redemption
in a homeland adrift


white wedding

wearing white
the virgin veil
covered the
stained red sin
long ago forgotten
in the folds of waiting
pearls and passion

warm air within
caress the sweet scent
the bouquet of pink roses
held their peace

all in place
perfect harmony
had its way
he placed the
purified gold
on her ring finger
* * * * * * *
Sunday Scribblings No. 130: wedding
photo: taking the veilgin_able, flickr


Translucent Hours 1.2.


Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: cohere, dandelion, immerse, create, glass
Photo: misstaylormoore, photobucket

filled with remembrance
the crystal glass vase
immersed the room
with a soft subtle scent
of rich red roses

created by lasting memories
covertly cohered
in tiny grains
of crushed sand
poised upon the polished table

waiting for water
the fresh bouquet of dandelions
anticipated their beautiful

* * * * * * * *

photo: rebbie123, photobucket

love me always until then
early morning
empty glass
spills over
last night’s moonlight

between the hours
love creates
coherent truths
immersed in magic

dandelion days
bitter taste
greets the dawn