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bold belongings

magpie tales photo no 34 and thom g’s three word wednesday. this week’s offering: engulf, imminent, tamper

a million moons wane at will
lost light illuminates

left alone the dust disappears
the wick no longer burns

abandoned fire engulfs the soul
infuse the flesh with ease

tamper not the ancient lock
the key comes along at will

blossoming imminent
a screen door slams

clamor cautious
your burning breath
you came back for me*

*i watched this movie once, don’t remember when or what movie and heard that line or something near to it… it obviously had an effect on me… as romance does… wrote it down on a piece of paper and i’ve been saving it to use somewhere… found the moment… can i do that and not specifically state which movie without getting into trouble…

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tabac infusion

read write poem napowrimo day 16 whatz that smell. free write i remember 5 minutes; photo: tabac cologne

 i remember you now a short fuse memory long with laughing eyes.  i remember a particular smell flapping freely near my nearness intimate jello knees. i remember perfect perpetual passion spilling left and right and open skies above. i remember venice picture taking under that famous bridge and st mark’s square. i remember italy sunlight seashore mediterranean blues. i remember etratat the sweetness lingers now with seabreeze swaying cliff dwelling shine and small room rumpled sheets. i remember traveling train switzerland secure within your arms when who they asked do you come from. i remember hot vinjac dreams beneath a cool full moon, a distant view of lake bled castle where whispers wandered willingly when walking romance quiet. i remember now not never the scent of you alone. i remember the bottle now elusive no not never broken.

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read write poem: napowrimo no 1 shuffle a poem. 5 song titles write a poem
photo: there must be some way outta here


hey joe
always wondered
where you went

strolling a
still desert
suddenly singing
the wind cries mary

the taste
of gritty sand
brings back the red ring
stone free i’m
spared the stumble

traveling caravan
tinkling bells
bangles and charms
hidden from sight
little wing etched in ink

infinite grains
whirling webs
shifting sentiment
castles are made of sand



Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural
photo: fairy, MariposaViajera, photobucket


once there was a time
when we trusted the touch
of our intrinsic embrace

hic et nunc
captivated by cupidity
bound in fettered indulgence
aloof the stars behold

de novo la luna
kindles the speechless silence
murmuring caressing words

sparked by songs of suggestion
soothing strings the harp sings
my hands bound in frugality

forever near in promised sleep
our plight remains unheeded