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spark and stare

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
one single impression sunday prompt no 149: calmed
photo: i was distracted…., penwren, flickr

I was distracted by an agapanthus

1. spark
love evolves strong
spoken in creamy calm
near the edge of each expression

2. stare
pacified pantomime
mimic the others who perceive

*A canto is a division of narrative poem, usually epic in nature, that is traditionally lyrical. … Unlike short poems, a canto poem is long form and contains a story. … i see this short poem as part of canto in that there is a much bigger story behind this love that could possibly be expressed in a canto

haiku my heart, tanka

haiku my heart.ok

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon meets today
photo: bones64, flickr

one red rose

not being perfect
one yields to the immediate
a smile cures the strain
dispatch across the divide
tempest kisses spellbound rose

you know how this one goes, nothing is as ever it appears. stubborn, flexible, anger, happiness, love, hate… all those human emotions–by choice some say, we engage on a moment by moment basis with little hesitation whenever of our immediate location.. huh??

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sugar coated

big tent poetry: prompt this week is a two-step process. a little of this a little of that. something abt (1) first focus on this one gesture and then (2) write abt something completely different yet affected by step one you write… sounds fun to me… instantly brought to mind the keys, ie, piano… a sacred spot.. ; wandered over to the wonderful haiku blog one single impression: this week, pensive;  found this beautiful foto which completely caught the musicality all wrapped in one expression…. photo: Chiama piano, by iskra_m, flickr

extending the fingers the thumb placed perfectly
a  slight bend floating fingertips
a resting sigh untangle

two flat feet untroubled eyes responds the heart
heaving with weight the notes chatter endlessly
shifting towards expression the ear listens quiet

a sensible sound calls attention a backward echo
alone, begins the clutter of a song
gushing to the surface

i just wanted you to notice me
to turn your eyes in favor
you and i alone

a waiting wandering kiss

in the middle of
this and that
stirring nonchalantly

3WW, short story

disconnected tangle

three word wednesday: abuse, cramp, hatred …not wanting to bite the bad i took a rabbit hole journey…. photo: JamieMcC. flickr

we wander awhile not in conversation
the cramp of consciousness clouds our cover

when where who would come whistling abuse
the single sound shaping imperceptible tracks

doubled over with a cramp he starts shaking his legs
opportunity stumbling she hopped in a hatred hating hurry

determined he caught her free fleeing shadow first
tying her wind to an antsy anchor waiting to be found

cramp forgotten wipes his heroic hands
he smiled at her dubious dharma delinquent

we wishfully went to wander yoked and harnessed
singing single hits from the late 50’s

OneSingleImpression, Poetry

dinner plates

one single impression: prompt 123 roads. courtesy of gautami tripathy at firmly rooted
photo: Door Keepers, Firenzesca, flickr

wrapped in buttermilk
and cheesecloth the
chicken was baking
to perfection

sighing with satisfaction
a stretch and a shift showers
enchanted extra moments
in this bewitched kitchen
enough to socialize
and smile

invitation left ajar
just 5 or 6, possibly 12
my fantastic familiar friends
maybe a mutual acquaintance
7 intercepted serendipity strangers

deciding on dinner
here we 12 are nestled
lives entwined
in a mix of candlelight
music and wine

mingling madness soiree
we impart our intentions with
our edifying renditions of
lasting love acapello
dinner melts marvelous

too soon i’m serving
thin slices of
pumpkin cheesecake
espresso and cognac
candle light melt
eric clapton continues

we further pass the
endless excursions
of this and that
making room for
tomorrows we
hope to engage

saying good night
floating guests withdraw
heading homeward
in different directions
the door closed, the latch locks
everyone has vanished

beckoning reality
dishes dancing, open window
such a sweeping view
clean up is a breeze