Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle


the smell of a trick pawed at the tip of my tongue
brazen shape with a shine outlawed only in heaven

it was my only wish the exhilarating taste of a wayward whisper
a five point star packed with swift wings slicing through silence

the tight lipped pack unlocks a string of endless startling smiles
spare the flinch of motion this hand proclaims a purpose

queen’s cards red paint white roses whim
flattering five staring back the pet tiger growled

sunday whirl wordle no 50

3WW, Poetry


tumble dryer

breakfast at marvelous midnight
a soft small naughty little need

egg cracking quiet, my bare feet
feel the cool floor collateral

window gazing wander, night’s zenith of
bright stars blanket above blue benign

boiling water whistle awakening
a taunt tactic of one’s clear collusion

broken bits of gone awry remain
shall we sooth a sore asunder

crouched our bold once barren
one convincing cry takes flight

our naughty little needs contend
puncture and pierce the soft tissue beating

later drying sheets alone
tumbling telling tales wag

outside tiny birds chirping chatter
seize the soundless summoning inside

three word wednesday:  zenith, naughty, tactic
photo: tumble dry, comadreja, flickr

magpie tales, Poetry

magpie.uno saltu

tied to solidarity, sidewalk spark and spoon
a quad of legless layered love

you and i, our senses sinking
curbside cuddle mental mutuality

sovereign shabby we casually
continue, dexterous dynamite

holding stars and riding comets
we percolate in liquid infinite

bridge beneath, passionate pose
arms bound beautiful, smile so sweet

one sitting, silent and sure
sidewalk star gazing sale
** * ** *** * * *** * * * ***
magpie tales no 93
*uno saltu. adding new words


soft lace

day 2 napowrimo 2011

i never asked could i
we just went along
as if we always were

no awkward silences
no need to close a door
as if we always were

and when we began
the hour was late
we touched as if we fit

strangely familiar
the nudge of this other
he did electrify my lucidity

leaving land alluvion
i secured myself to
he who conquered me

and now we are
just as then
as if we always were