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Sunday Whirl: Wordle 213

red wine woman
she sips with hollow eyes
a puzzle piece missing

one winner won
startled she slips
a stinging red stain

watching wearily
hidden heart divine
wicked winner he smiles

chiseled charm abstract
lucid lips pucker
he simply won’t do

stepping through
another open door
luminous light beckons

feckless contemplation
foreign sounds allure
there’s no going back

superior view
she decides to stay
dumb luck stumble

3WW, Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

tonight’s tide

read write poem napowrimo day 21 perfectly flawed. write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect; three word wednesday: ebb negotiate random; photo: Town Car White Wall WheelSparks68, flickr

loving the perfect imperfection
where one half commands
a quarter questions

we negotiate the expenditure
our love shifts into cost control

amuse me with your viscosity
how your hands negotiate
the curves and straight away

kooky kosher connect
courageous cool
we sink compliantly

the random risk
of cozy reluctance
tandom synchronicity

turning wheels directed
towards docile domicile
the ebb of kindled quiet flame

you barbecue medium rear steaks
i occupy with green salad dujour

together we sip the red wine of
a lasting imperfect alliance

blazing stars and comets cast
agreeable accession


seamless blue stitch

one day. doesn’t matter when i linger too long the subtleties soon disappear. the walls come down and he chatters a storm. if only to remember tomorrow the meaningful words in between. tonight we share the evening as the moon flies away and then we will be gone. till departure arrives, we’ll drink together the fainting hour and i shall listen to your tender talk.

another day. you rest your heart upon my shoulder. allow your up close, sky blue eyes to focus on our clandestine interlude. eyes listening, hearing your smile as you sound your way through a blend of blues playing softly in the background shadows. relaxed for the evening, time carelessly continues leaving all to grasp its meaning.

one evening. pulling my wishes aside decided to walk the way. granting time to consider the stars shining in the evening sky. echoes crisp, black heels tapping to an invisible beat of love waiting. just a few minutes late, you shall be seated. will you stand? an irrelevant gesture so full of regret. if not, no; if so, yes, then maybe.

later on. decided to smile in a big way, silence overflowed with mirth. maybe it was the quiet music playing spanish songs with passionate players. the casual chianti dinner sought to lengthen the delight. strictly business, no foul play, stick to the menu. casual discussion of business and the day. stretching out the implicated intervals. maybe there was something to it. those sorta souls that stand around and do destiny’s bidding with little arrows and bows. could not help to pause and ponder. his mouth as it moves, does he speak so clearly and concise with his business suit missing?
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photo: Thread & Needle, Marc Pinter, flickr




preparing spagetti
afternoon adventure
intoxicating tomatoes
soothes the savoring
favors of the sauce

red wooden stool
awaits to attend
sitting i stir
cooking quiet
sipping surreal
cabernet savignon

mervin the mechanic calls
your car’s ready
the sound of his voice
purring placid
marvels the meadows
of my red sauce simmering

tracing with chalk
the blackboard of time
writes the hours
whittled away
while waiting

ideal hour to aspire
bubbles bubbling
in a beautiful bathtub
wonders of a luminous life
it’s just about dusk

sniffing the scent
of basil and oregano
the aroma hints of
dinner delight

Poefusion Friday Five: mechanic, spagetti, bathtub, stool, chalk
photo: alisa633, photobucket