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reading the room

mind love misery’s menagerie. first line friday

untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read. unnoticed the moments flex their power, passing into hours, casually creeping across the day. the sun spreads in silence, dressing the emptiness, delivering light and heat and driving back the empty shadows. quietly calmly bursts the break of day. awakened, the books stir and bend, stories start to stumble, congregating with crazy calamity.  panicky pages quietly quivering, for they all knew he would appear and so they watch and wait.

Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

sound sleep

Big Tent Poetry monday prompt: select an artist, one poem, one line and go… i’ve selected charles bukowski, bluebird, and the line i don’t weep, do you? the first time i heard this i was hooked.  for your utube visual pleasure below is his bluebird…

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i don’t weep, do you?*

there’s never a thought
that descends so low nor
lingers long after his cheek is dry

there’s never a story
that lasts too long
he sleeps so soundly
snoring slightly

there’s never a man
who willingly slips and
finds his way back
wily whiskey extortion

there’s never a sign
of that certainty
that smile that charms
that snarl that erases

only now
toward evening late
does he speak sincerely
in and along the shadows
who murmur not
telling the moon his story

carry on tuesday

weaving mortals

carry on tuesday: The prompt this week is the opening sentence from The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer “we think we know the ones we love”. Use all or part of it at the start or somewhere within your poem or prose

we weave back and forth
barely beyond the grave
ghost shadows our arms embraced
pausing the predestined

there’s no surprise
when you reappear gazing
from the face of another
clothed and conscious

who could this be
wearing your familiarity
your imprint waiting watching
such an easy fit

filling the blank spaces
inserted midway
we think we know
the ones we love



his girth
orchestrated in
metaphysical motion
drifting from his side
to my side
manifesting magic
in a continuous conversation
always near
rarely far
a most wonderful life
snoozin’ we sit
discussing docile dogmas
nothin’ but neutrality
placed in perfect order
rubbin’ shoulders
occassionally we overlap
** ** ** ** **
weekend wordsmith: chimera
Miss Chicken, flickr
for those who are interested, the real story … The Walrus and the Carpenter, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

totally optional prompts

shifting seasons

barefoot butterfly blues
simmering sunshine
approaching autumn witness

enchanted enticing
drawn to the day
rest in a womb of stillness
under the old oak tree
finding lost

raging yellow, burnt orange
bright red, barely green
cascading leaves
tiny trailing traces
sleepy distracted tree
crunching carpet

open a book
turn a page
read a line
find a way
previously unknown

denying the dark
opening a locked door
slices of smoked cheese
and red merlot wine

sharing with no one in particular
surrounded by caring friends
the world turns slowly
between the hours of
dusk and dawn
* * * * * * * * * * *
Totally Optional Promps (TOPS) this week: discoveries
photo: The Road Less Travelled, justpedalhard, flickr