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read write poem get your poem no 86: 23 line personal universe poem. thought i could never put this away, never felt complete. finally  had to just let this one go…. another excellent prompt from the newly revised read write poem blog site. be sure to go by and check out the new site, limitless possibilities!!!

salty breeze inhale, exhale paradise pacific blue ocean
flowing river northwest waters eagles nesting noble evergreens
drumbeat calls the course
magical glass slippers spark a spell
faded blue jeans tomboy t-shirt ride the wild wind
borrowed bicycle flies on freedom’s wing
adrift across the seven seas
a hundred seasons of travel
erase the ache of haunted dreams
wandering barefoot two feet walkabout
burnt soil fire red sacred ground alight
smell the scent tall talking eucalyptus
swaying trees aligned in a row
hear the loud cackle kookaburra croon
warming heat burning flames
view the blazing clear cool night
iridescent tapestry towering midnight stars
dreamtime draws tomorrow’s undiscovered journey
another day roadside rest
a billy of black sweetened tea, sip a sigh of relief
circle back around homeward bound
two feet running ease the waring soul
momentary haven wolf howl awakening

ReadWriteWord, totally optional prompts

long night, short candle

totally optional prompts this week: tardiness
read write word no 16

blank bloodless barren page
silent notably vacant surface
disturbed author decidedly indecisive
his hesitating hand
eager to carve an explanation

waiting willful words
excrete his priceless discourse
liquified and weakened
no longer able to impart

suffer the scorching torment
his feverish head soon drifted
into a soft pillow sleep

destiny on guard
relentless reckoning
the fence of time elapsed
misplaced the encounter collapsed

ReadWritePoem, ReadWriteWord

small talk

Read Write Poem, ReadWrite Wordie No 11
photo: Take a seat, Zoubys, flickr

unravel the echoed holler
raging storm forgotten
percolating ooze of
drool and dust

electric wind jettison
wild tigress thunder
front door rattles reckless

curiosity curls and coils
correct the core of concern
satellite servant arrives

midnight gleaning symphony
numeric cosmic counting
soothes flowering daffodil dementia

rocking chair release
shifting and stirring
something gazes back at me