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read write poem napowrimo day 17: something elemental-fire earth water wind-pick one with an unusual point of view; for me it’s all about the wind, along the sea, the coast, the desert… anywhere… photo: Sea of Sand, GIAN.F, flickr

mute motioning hand
forming fine fingers of force
drifting disturbance

powerless measure
tumultuous tempest
halcyon stirred

a kiss of breezy perception
fine floating embrace
contact windswept connection

frenzy fling of fury
puzzling undiscovered genesis
temporary serpentine twister

ubiquitous lasso orbit
desert defy dragon
the roaring burn stinging arrival

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tabac infusion

read write poem napowrimo day 16 whatz that smell. free write i remember 5 minutes; photo: tabac cologne

 i remember you now a short fuse memory long with laughing eyes.  i remember a particular smell flapping freely near my nearness intimate jello knees. i remember perfect perpetual passion spilling left and right and open skies above. i remember venice picture taking under that famous bridge and st mark’s square. i remember italy sunlight seashore mediterranean blues. i remember etratat the sweetness lingers now with seabreeze swaying cliff dwelling shine and small room rumpled sheets. i remember traveling train switzerland secure within your arms when who they asked do you come from. i remember hot vinjac dreams beneath a cool full moon, a distant view of lake bled castle where whispers wandered willingly when walking romance quiet. i remember now not never the scent of you alone. i remember the bottle now elusive no not never broken.

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i recall

read write poem napowrimo day 15 carrying a tune. ok this isn’t exactly as requested, mixin my dog, ex and birds, heck singin in the shower it sounded real good…
photo:  OakleyOriginals, flickr

i think i loved my sexy ex
he was tall, real purtee
and plenty furry

he loved to drink
and strut and jump
his bright winged tail waggin

feather free his smile soared
right over our house
and 5 foot chained link fence

he loved his home
and me i think
i just haven’t seen him since


Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie

read write poem: napowrimo day 13 smoke a dubie. for this prompt, take a dubie line to jumpstart a poem of your own. i picked homage to philip k. dick

In the trunk of his pink Studebaker
behind the spare whitewall wheel
there lies a breath expired scrawl
ordained his dotted i’s
he wrote when he was young

he wrote with weight a no 2 lead
rehearsing life’s impetuous imaginings
lubricated nibbles composure cast
clear pencil packets of five
he bought when he was young

he wrote the words of arrogance
packed with character and raw ramblings
unsheathed to him in grampa’s voice
whiskey swillin croaking cricket obscurity
he bought when he was young

he wrote the mad and simple
easy quick and staggering
a twilight later wandering
he baits his emotional memory
he bought when he was young

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take off

read write poem: napowrimo day 12 make up a secret code. The formula is easy: come up with a message and assign it to something unlikely.
photo: Mark Rothko, untitled, 1969–University of Navarra Collection

rushing thru the stop signs roar
dark glasses gushing

watching the waiting
growing old botox barf

believing bait beginner
old eyes harmonize

when do we arrive
big boobs beguiling

if only the stars stay home

intergalactic travel takes forever
now running only five cents special

and then there’s red, abt art and artist, another opinion