drowning dry

saturday scribes this week’s theme: underground, and  words: surface, gasoline, entering, lens; read write image no 15, photo: sunset by MorBCN


another place to wander
visiting hours between forever
no one knows the way

entering the portal
eyes always open
a clear one inch lens
confesses colored rainbows

barefoot is an option
the surface feels a thousand
tiny grains of prickly sand

gasoline puddles
darkened obscurity
mirroring magic
hide the cookies

Poefusion, PoefusionFriday5, readwriteimage


Michelle’s Poefusion Friday Five: freckle, evade, peck, scoot, dash
ReadWritePoem: ReadWriteImage No 11
photo: Strange Fruit Helsinki, Lucasrocha, flickr


the diverse collection of
my ruffled significant substance
evades the enigma
of where i have roamed

honor and trust
the color of freckled turquoise
transform in string and bead
rattle the observant

persuasive pebbles mingle
with singing cowrie shells
disturbing the depths
peck at the performance

subdued by solid gravity
layers of time and rock
resolve recollections
once imagined in transit

cleave a dash of daydreamer
with ruinous ropes of risk
parade the progression of paradise
breathe the fluid free

rushing towards the rigid rim
whimpering whispers
scamper and scoot
reveal my pink purpose
perched upon
a swaying stick