3WW, Poetry

the quiet still of yes & no

thommyg’s 3 word wednesday latest prompt… 3 words: break negative surface
photo: Towel,  WHUhnnnnnnnn, flickr

running fast sometimes
breaks the prowling bad
that sticks sticky
to the skin of
my surfaced soul

the negative splash
dripping wet
cool kaleidoscopic monochrome
arrayed in candied crystal drops

squishy squish
my shoes sing
firmly fixed
the ground rolls

stability silly
i find home
a towel of tenderness
soft  & kind
drys the wicked away


life surfing channel

three word wednesday: joke, leverage, remedy

deciding to depart
i left the counterfeit comfort
filled with fierce fire flames
taking myself and fevered soul

conflict to remedy
the quiet stall of gentle falling rain
cools the connection to this crazy constant
steam cloud surround my sweet illusive flight

going nowhere another cigarette
the aching itch digs deep during
the blink of lights on lights off
ticking time the leverage of this life

changing the channel
johnny carson’s midnight monologue
a joke with no laughter
mute plays best

**i always gotta kick outta the boss’s 57 channels and nothin on….

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

equal ends

readwritepoem napowrimo day 30 free day [and farewell]

we were walking
in a current of circles
going everywhere

above our heads
gray rainbow clouds
rattling loose a
curtain of rain
thunder crashing
we kept moving
the want not
to stop

unasked we’re
drawn into a
transparent downpour
slows our thoughts
stumbling into a small
shaded sanctuary
we wade within

time crept awhile
until we ventured
out from under the
liquid shelter
no words could

soaked we felt
a dampness
through and through
a creeping chill
of a strange invasion

i didn’t care
it felt free
i never wrote
about that

the unguarded
of nothing near
and the quiet
of passing comes
i consider
and contemplate

these moments
such as today
this transient soaring
of a slice shared

bite by bite
a raw unmeasured
minute divided
and halfed

a 30-day
sweet sentence
signals a stay

i say to you
A più tardi