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MindLoveMiserysMenagerie – First Line Friday “I’m bought and worn, but I ain’t no dupe.”

it’s something you don’t normally remember once you’ve left. here’s the story… in that moment that i was sitting down, i was also looking up and that’s when i saw this very line written in a beautiful script upon the wall of the inner sanctum of a women’s bathroom toilet. without cause, i could not help but to wonder at the poet’s source for celebrating her status. here in this place claiming her power beyond inquiry. how and who was i to question, but to join and celebrate her claim. yes, i too was a wee bit tattered but not tainted.




big outing

3 word wednesday: recluse, cajole, temper
photo: U1075938INPrgh2008, flickr

remember Howard Hughes, and the 1947 flight of the Spruce Goose…

napping recluse
cajoled into reclined rest
tempest temper moored

when we look past
the bright glare of
neglected recluse
the sweet shine of success
is often washed away
in the temper
of vanity and desire.
his heart cajoled
resigned and weakened
he departed.