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thomg’s three word wednesday. this week’s offer: dainty, haunting, tantalizing
photo: The Age of Wisdom, Tomasito, flickr

open tiny window
drawn from memory
cold quiet haunting
burlap buried breathing
a hundred rays of light

this hospitality is haunting
rusty and weary, he writes
unwritten to keep himself alive
across his mind whispered with
wonder he remembers his woman

tantalizing terror
no longer such torture
touches his tiny skin deep
open happiness

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

here kitty kitty

readwritepoem napowrimo day 18 meow. write a poem abt a cat big or small. i choose panther… ; photo: Black Panther (Leopard), gsb_viva, flickr

prowling roaring power
born untamed beauty

passive wild purring
pacing pure poetry

tree climbing traveler
meandering four wall stray

black unsocialable being
clear speak eyes

silent strange strength
solitary 4-legged mystery

footprint shadow stealth
disappearing dignity

and the other…..

huey newton bobby seale 1966
eldridge cleaver stokey carmichael too

and little bobby hutton
did declare a malcom x theory

gun toting something similar like
stand up fight to win equality for all

shall we sit and share
the countless way and thoughts

the honorable right corruptable wrong
donnybrook disturbance side by side

courageous inbetweeners
the blind enlightened struggle

freedom for all
demise and living too


au courant


weekend wordsmith no 84: sensible
photo: “Eleanor’s Sensible Shoes”, by appaloosa

alive her skin breathes
cognizant her consciousness
restrains the howl

efficient miles
reverberating comfort
disturbance aware

prepossessing light
formality desire
unreachable touch

her husband covets
not eleanor’s affection
nor her rosey cheeks

distant young demure
her smile reaches just shy
his once open arms


august remembers

don’t let go
freedom remembers
your involuntary bondage
* * * * * * *

inspired, yes…could not help but write something political after reading Shi Tao’s poem june.  i’ve been watching the olympics mesmerized by the political rumblings and the all out efforts china is placing on this olympics.. oh, and the swimming events are incredible…france 0 america 1… though i still like french fries..

ReadWritePoem #39: write a poem inspired by Shi’s poem, write your month. take the time to stop by readwritepoem it is another interesting prompt;
photo: prisoner, Shi Tao, danger joel, flickr