Poefusion #16: Create a poem using Emily Dickinson’s Bring me the sunset in a cup as a starting point
photo: overflowing hear, aslavegirl, photobucket

overflowing heart

bring me the sunset in a cup
measured overflowing
bubbling bright red orange

entirely encompassing
eternal everlasting
instanteous felicity

surrounded by surreality
intimate obscured soiree
beneath benign books
lettered pages explicate open

present where we are
without delay
words written stained red ink


A Vacation

photo: steven b king

 ..can one feel overwrought and long for freedom’s flight from here to there w/o care?…

taken by surprise
scattered among the stars
eternity glides

sheer window echoes
soundless waves of unseen time
naked and revealed

wingless flight from here
where worlds collide and clatter
passage without path

vaporous lines sketched
dispatched the voices unheard
navigating sightless


Red Door

Friday 5 this week prompt: attitude, timepiece, ceremony, stone, afterlife


her smile beyond repair
her attitude overwhelming
taking in her surroundings
she observed the trouble

silently struggling
their faces suspended
appearing as stone

participation in the
wasn’t something she
felt inclined to do

knowing her predicament
and the afterlife
intuitively she understood
her mortal existence
was beyond the ageless red door

marked this way
she could not help
but to carelessly murmur
what a timepiece

she willed herself
to turn the ancient knob
and casually passed through
the heavy worn red door

she considers
hope i won’t be
marked late