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MindLoveMiserysMenagerie – First Line Friday “I’m bought and worn, but I ain’t no dupe.”

it’s something you don’t normally remember once you’ve left. here’s the story… in that moment that i was sitting down, i was also looking up and that’s when i saw this very line written in a beautiful script upon the wall of the inner sanctum of a women’s bathroom toilet. without cause, i could not help but to wonder at the poet’s source for celebrating her status. here in this place claiming her power beyond inquiry. how and who was i to question, but to join and celebrate her claim. yes, i too was a wee bit tattered but not tainted.



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sunday whirl: wordle no 468

what a surprise to see you. in a flash time shifted and there we were dancing. it was a wednesday and i was at a bookstore i love to visit in the late lazy afternoon. it’s a good spot to rest, read books and never meet a soul i know. there’s a chair there where i bend into the wind and sit as if i’m in a field of tall grass, or sometimes i press on the gas and fly. there is where all i hear is the softness of a steady wind and the sight of pages passing in a book.

Poetry, shadorma

6 lines

empty space exposed
and bookmark
pursue the interrupted
now coast backwards home

by sight within one
flashlight bright
beaming brave
camera ready memories
shifting down to slow

rain slick road
thunder and lightning
for a few
the sound of falling water
encloses the space

author’s notes: wandering through poetry blogs searching for weekly/daily prompts found a great site mindlovemisery’s Menageries and there was shadorma, a new poetry form which i found fascinating… spent the day writing a shadorma