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serene seclusion

big tent poetry: possessions. this week’s prompt is to think of something you possess. what are your feelings about this possession? do you possess it, or does it possess you? i was unable **unwilling** to focus on anything specific **anything to do w/my personal possessions** but i did find this one… confirming possessions are fleeting ; photo: purple finch by drphotomoto, flickr

Purple Finch

surrounded in a small way
she felt perfectly content
her favorite color of pink
entwined in the tiny twirls
of happiness haunting her house

purple dangling beads
dancing with delight
shimmering songs singing
her doorway the dazzle
of dawn’s expression
mad and marvelous
everyone stayed away

swift and slow she so suddenly left
her presence slumbers in nirvana
perceptible pink puddles smiling back
clearly anticipating more

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem


read write poem: napowrimo day 6, converse with images
photo:  Cory.Lum, flickr

i recently started multiplying
the bobbing bubbling bubbles
in my pink pillow possibilities

i melodiously measure the
kaleidoscopic distance
between nurturing now
and departed already

life is ideally idle
breakfast buttering cinnabons
dinner sipping chianti silence
behold my backward glances
in the frosted memory mirror

unobserved static
inperceptible traces
your scent sticks around
teetering telephone lines
between day and night

twenty or two abstractions
counting encompassing circles
your breath still comes
in wisps of vanishing vapors



three word wednesday: jolt, ribbon zeal
photo: Pink mirrorphr4nq, flickr

beautiful pink ribbon
fluttering free finds retreat
in the wind of a moored mirror
noticed now neglected
gathering interest

roving wondering eyes
forage forgotten faces
countless curled photos
meaningful worth unchanged

their smiling zeal
declares gazing mute
simple surrounded silence

basking in reflection
a sudden jolt brings back
the beginning journey
restless beating heart
packs another box

placing life’s pages
careful not to tear
bind too tight the string

wrinkled waters splashing
kindles one life resting
another disturbing the drift

short story, SundayScribblings


Sunday Scribblings No 186: Shame
photo: Pink revelations, comeilsoledagosto, flickr

now. unaware of the tale he continued to focus on what was ahead. the heat bringing an anxious thirst looking toward the village afar off he should arrive within the hour and drink from the cool spring waters. aware of everything, she is waiting with little worry. borrowing a dress the ghost hid in plainsight withdrawn in bright pink. suppressed the untouched smiles behind the brilliant concealed eyes conserve. with swift steps toward tomorrow a promise gathers in a net of now, extemption engages.

later. a wonder of tender escapes and breathes beyond the hush-hush creating waves of beginnings between. soon sorrow starts to slide slowly down the first chapter written in words describing scandal releases a stain. dark velvet bookcovers worn thin with tides, pages erased the odium walks away leaving freedom for anyone who once concealed.

undisguised. afterwards the scar erased. de novo.

Poefusion, PoefusionFriday5, readwriteimage


Michelle’s Poefusion Friday Five: freckle, evade, peck, scoot, dash
ReadWritePoem: ReadWriteImage No 11
photo: Strange Fruit Helsinki, Lucasrocha, flickr


the diverse collection of
my ruffled significant substance
evades the enigma
of where i have roamed

honor and trust
the color of freckled turquoise
transform in string and bead
rattle the observant

persuasive pebbles mingle
with singing cowrie shells
disturbing the depths
peck at the performance

subdued by solid gravity
layers of time and rock
resolve recollections
once imagined in transit

cleave a dash of daydreamer
with ruinous ropes of risk
parade the progression of paradise
breathe the fluid free

rushing towards the rigid rim
whimpering whispers
scamper and scoot
reveal my pink purpose
perched upon
a swaying stick