three word wednesday: dare, essence, practical
photo: quiet, ms lume, flicr


the subtle essence of C
placed perfectly in the middle
anchors my soul to the sound of a serenade
the tips of my fingers placed so light
soothes the trembling
hardly no one sees

the dare of a challenge
ponders between the days and nights
noting nothing is as practical as an hour practicing
essential to the soul the mind moves
the fingers play and sound
shifts the candle light

Big Tent Poetry, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

sugar coated

big tent poetry: prompt this week is a two-step process. a little of this a little of that. something abt (1) first focus on this one gesture and then (2) write abt something completely different yet affected by step one you write… sounds fun to me… instantly brought to mind the keys, ie, piano… a sacred spot.. ; wandered over to the wonderful haiku blog one single impression: this week, pensive;  found this beautiful foto which completely caught the musicality all wrapped in one expression…. photo: Chiama piano, by iskra_m, flickr

extending the fingers the thumb placed perfectly
a  slight bend floating fingertips
a resting sigh untangle

two flat feet untroubled eyes responds the heart
heaving with weight the notes chatter endlessly
shifting towards expression the ear listens quiet

a sensible sound calls attention a backward echo
alone, begins the clutter of a song
gushing to the surface

i just wanted you to notice me
to turn your eyes in favor
you and i alone

a waiting wandering kiss

in the middle of
this and that
stirring nonchalantly

Haiku, OneSingleImpression

round midnight

one single impression: inner voices
poefusion tuesday title:  i am again measureless patterns
photo:  celestephotography, flickr

endless chattering
dark daunting dream fire flames
early morning dawn

heartbeats wild song
resting inbetween light’s verse
released there is you

harmonious sigh
consume melodious notes
love rests inbetween

lazy tide proclaims
set free thelonius monk
he plays a wondrous measure