3WW, Poetry

bees buzzin

thomg’s three word wednesday: figure, juicy, stress
photo: ernst haeckel, hummingbirds, art forms of nature

Haeckel Trochilidae

pestering emptiness
follows me home
like a peter pan shadow
gold dust and all

5 juicy fruit wrappers
expose an obsession
gum chewing chokes the
stress-lined distractions

busy bothering beauty
no one would know
to figure the noise
a humming bird flies

OneSingleImpression, tanka


one single impression: apprentice, courtesy of Irene at Lost in Translation

knowing the way he
entered a world waiting
agile and ageless
finding pan and the lost boys
he suddenly found his home

* * * * * * * * * *

and just because i am a big fan of fantasia, if you like to watch disney’s mickey the sorcerer’s apprentice… and to think this was all done manually, ie, no computers!!!