napowrimo 2021, Poetry

last night’s big moon
clear, blue, bright
luminosity of light
brimming bubbling beautiful

last night’s stars
a love poem relation
twinkling in silence
proclaims the postcard

last night’s breeze
yesterday’s sun shine
a sun burnt face
feeling the flame

morning’s first curtain call
panoramic portal
cuddling close cohesion
dawdling dawn serenade

first light lingering
the warmth of a window
dew dancing delight
settles on the overgrown grasslands
baptized my backyard

napowrimo day 15. 2021 April PAD challenge. write a (blank) story.

fibinacci, napowrimo 2021, Poetry


eyes closed
bright blue sky
drifting white feather
anchorless weight mainstay flight
butterfly wings, there’s only seven days of living

napowrimo 2021 day 14. Over at 2021 April PAD Challenge write a poem inspired only by stimulus from where you’re sitting (or standing, if you write will standing). today i was able to sit in the sun and relax. my face is now on fire from the wind and sun. it was a beautiful busy day.

alliteration, MLMM, Poetry, wordle

watching waiting wander
cloaked in a crevice of craving
my arms make little motion

through an open window
the sea brings her salty odor
curled around a wind

summer sizzling heat
lingering wilt
beads of perspiration
clinging to my core

hunger in my heart
the gristle of time
seashell silent and
the stars roar

enchantingly ecstatic
conservation quiet
mending a missing button
the loner leaves a lot

day 13 napowrimo. MMLM wordle #236

Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle


sunday whirl wordle no 219

i swear i know every single one
the familiar flush
the perfect press of weight
just enough to claim quietly

the list is long
written in lovely left lingo
only to share with you who know
know the nexus of never-Neverland

who comes to call and collect
that wilderness wind
who whinnies in whispers
tender time, no threats, breathless talk,



bones weekly three word wednesday
3WW No 79 prompt: glass, question, token
photo: openwindow, denise4264, photobucket

open window

placed in a clear glass jar
a token gesture
set aside
remained looming

seasons circled
days drifted
the open window

ageless with
existing long after
the answer mattered