one word. plague

one word: plague. photo courtesy of steffen tuck, flickr

drawn to the moonlight

bitten by a mosquito i thought nothing of it other than to scratch it and curse. and then everything changed. spotted and green it was a new look to an old feeling. grasping at another groan, i began replacing the pretty pink lipstick i kept on just for distraction. a subtle reminder… keeping away the foreign kiss of the others.

6S, napowrimo 2011, one word

one word.strength

one word 60 seconds write. today’s word: strength
six sentences ; day 5, napowrimo 2011


i use to think strength was everything, to hold on until you can’t hold on no more. now i know differently. it ain’t so bad to let go. that’s a different kind of strength. an unseen strength that’s more than myself. oozing out and overflowing like a strange brew of magic.

one word, Poetry

not here

one word: obsessed
photo: jason a samfield, flickr


i use to hang on to every word
as if it were biblical.

i turn over, reach for another…..
and forget all about the lines that went far too long
and then,
the edge came up quick…..
before i could jump
outta the way.

*love the photo, two baby birds headin out over the edge…. could not help but to post this photo…. i love their coat, their walk, their talk, their first flight…. i envy photographers… they rock…