sunday whirl

ephemeral eternal

the sunday whirl wordle no 19. enjoy the challenge of a great wordle prompt
we write poems no 69. this week ‘s challenge by amy, sharplittlepencil, created a nonform. Formulaic: 3 + (x) = Poem

a pantomime breeze that speaks
sweeps through the surrounding
transporting a trunk with deep dark dust
(catch the serenity sounds of shadows splashing)

velvet black vessel with velocity oozing
card carrying credentials crumbling canvas
leopard skins and tiger teeth cloister
(growling grins glow graciously benign)

residue relics reckoning a reply
rattling treasures take a turn with truth
wholes and halves orbiting halos take wing
(fluttering feathers finger pointing that way)

a cloak of cool colliding colors
separate into middle matter
puffing pink pudding mist
(too delightful to decipher)

resting at a carrot juice junction
no one makes a move
the swirl of soot lays low
(a deposit of ancient shavings)