Haiku, Poetry, woven dreams


cloud crash contradict
racing rapid bend blue sky
thunder storm afar

hear a far off roar
barking dogs fierce with fire
silhouette mountains

distant delightful
fluffy light scurrying past
curlycue quiet

moments rushing still
hours drift as seconds run
night sky subpoena

twenty-four hours
puzzle pieces pulled apart
summer’s heat smiles

serene stranger steal
red tail hungry hawk
escape the quick claw

driving back forward
coming close to calmness clear
happiness hovers

woven dreams : whisper

staring out a northern window saw the front coming in…. it was a beautiful sunny day not a cloud in the sky… looking out beyond the blue clear glare a gray fast moving front, dark and mysterious…. not a sound except a light breeze… 

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry


Grass Texture

bursting clouds of yes
posting epiphany
harmonious moon

gathering goodwill
bunches and bundles abound
shadow dancing dark

steady drops of rain
pelting pretty rooftop sounds
dry desert cool wind

splash sincerity
drip dry manifestation
small nibble to taste


one single impression: confirmation
photo: grass texture, cubagallery,flickr

outside gray heavy storm clouds moved in overnight and buried the bluest sky. unexpectedly my early morning eye contemplates a random rain starting to fall softly, continuously. hours have passed and still the rain falls. rich with time i remain encased within a penetrating cascading curtain and the surrounding sound. steady it comes cold and wet. inside excitement tethered by winter escapes outside. hours afterwards hasn’t come home.

OneSingleImpression, Poetry, tanka


Immature Common Yellowthroat Warbler (Geothlypis trichas)-8.jpg

observation flame
locked in light along a line
dark distant parade
quiet crackling chorus
firebreak fragments falling
one single impression: elemental
photo: immature common yellowthroat, meeyauw, flickr
thank you andree for the use of your beautiful bird photos!!

adrift in another life living in the southwest of australia.. the shadows of burning falling scent draws me out into night… conscious curiosity found myself watching the firebreaks burning fierce at night in the distance paddocks from one end of the horizon to the other seemingly creeping closer and closer.

Haiku, haiku my heart

haiku my heart.living

12 words of wonder
shifting back and forth knowing
tombstone mumblings

catching quiet wind
grasping loosely never told
sand slipping stories

coyote calm coo
he clearly saw the remains
heartfelt howl hiss

i’m trying you know
leaving it all behind me
dead dry roses cry


recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]