almost there
i can rest for a bit
so shocking
lost all feeling
except the grief

know not where it was
the grief place
no map with directions
how to get there
or the way out

here is a new place
except the grief

poet’s notes: it’s april write a poem everyday…. forgot all about it… but i have been writing… im joining writers digest 2021 April PAD starting day 6 great topic today For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt: Write a change poem and/or…Write a don’t change poem. i thought my day 6 poem fit perfectly

Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem, Saturday Scribes

seafaring soak

saturday scribes: the air we breathe; 3 words, overcome, chimera, canopy
read write poem: day 12, napowrimo; photo: bird sellerdolce babanne, flickr

the cognizant invisibility
of my digital clock
red light’s silent
thunderous ticking

it’s always this way
overcome with restless-ness
suspended sleep
even here with peace
lying beside me
in gentle waves of water

all wet
a quiet noise comes
the sandman
his twinkling  toes
and pink gold floating dust

cannot help but to
take flight the
midnight cool air
a singsong bird’s call
chimera dripping rainbow

we soon soar
peeling past the
canopy effervescent stars

subtlety steady
straight ahead
there’s nothing so like this
not even hot butttered
blueberry pancakes

Napowrimo, Poefusion, ReadWritePoem


michelle’s poefusion: no 27, write about a noise-or a silence-that won’t go away. excerpted from the pocket muse by monica wood; read write poem, day 9, napowrimo no 9: paradise; …a bit of tongue and cheek….; photo: john carleton, flickr


if you attend intently
eyes gazing
brain occupied
you may observe
the earth breathing

the spirit roving
over dry waters
creating a world
supporting our feet

look upward
and kiss the
blue beautiful sky
not my
brother’s monkey