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paradise pink

the sky is busy and gray cruising clouds bursting
my everyday life  journal day 7, page 7
day 4, napowrimo 2011
photo: smigg44_uk, flickr

Pink Flower - Macro

sweet scent carnation
sprouting sensuous pink life
dreamy dirty delight
raking away last year’s leaves
nestled in comfort crocus

my mom use to plant pink carnation like weeds they grew. stick them in the ground and they would multiply and flower with a heavenly faint scent. i was hooked. here in the inland northwest, it is dianthus.

and yes, thank you for asking i did get my hands dirty this weekend. it was wonderful. didn’t bother with the gloves. my hands literally frozen but could not help myself. the cold in the air and in the soil. so rich and hearty as if awakening from the long winter. under the leaves found primroses blooming. planted those a few years back. and the yellow crocus are majestic. they don’t multiply as quickly as the lavendars and just yesterday found a star shaped lavendar crocus.

simply amazing the two days i had in the flower garden before the colder than cold wind blew in from the north. and now the flowers bloom has gone inward as if they’ve fallen back asleep. i love having a flower garden, i hear the birds, the wind in the towering evergreens swaying in song and the crackling old leaves skipping down the road letting the wind carry them onward.

this is the year i am starting a recyle bin of all my plant stuff. any feedback is appreciated as to your mad adventures in mulch bin….


soft lace

day 2 napowrimo 2011

i never asked could i
we just went along
as if we always were

no awkward silences
no need to close a door
as if we always were

and when we began
the hour was late
we touched as if we fit

strangely familiar
the nudge of this other
he did electrify my lucidity

leaving land alluvion
i secured myself to
he who conquered me

and now we are
just as then
as if we always were

Haiku, haiku my heart, Journal, napowrimo 2011, Poetry

haiku my heart.the sky is open

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
my every day life journal day 6, page 6
day 1 napowrimo 2011
photo: tanya puntti, flickr

White flower against blue sky

panoramic view
lucid light blue naked skies
whisper wanting wind

yesterday.  it is good to let the mind loose to wander and relax. without distraction observe the day passing. looking outward it is late afternoon and the sky is starting to sway toward sunset. now comes the quiet just before the wings of a large bird appears bringing the night with a trail of stars dangling from golden threads. this here is where i stopped. to consider my wanting. to hear the spirit wind talking. he shares his wisdom.

napowrimo 2011. today is day 1 of 31 days of poems. this has always been an amazing experience and look forward to participating in this year’s celebration as well.