thommyg’s three word wednesday. this week’s three: budge, nimble, theory
photo:¬† Sonia’s Images (on & off), flickr

perched heavenward
she wasn’t gonna budge
she’d been up there quite awhile

a nimble mind easily submits
to the sober soaring sublime
connected up there
where the wind comes
and trembles the leaves

daylight spinned flawlessly
casting charm to everyday choices
easing her mountain forward

there dwells an obscure
theory she has unearthed a
lofty point of view

ReadWriteWord, tritina

sweeten soothe

Read Write Word #9; and totally optional prompts: repetition, poetry form. attempted the tritina, which is much, much easier than the sestina, blue breeze i attempted a few poems back
photo: durango, colorado, elatawiec62, flickr

duplicate liquid loose locomotive
impersonate steam-filled mirror
rails and rails rumbling rocky

unyielding sleek rugged rocky
steady sings lucid locomotive
nomadic migratory mountain mirror

perched upon a parked mirror
recognize relentless rocky
longing love luminating locomotive

locomotive mirrors a rocky reflection