napowrimo 2021, Poetry

last night’s big moon
clear, blue, bright
luminosity of light
brimming bubbling beautiful

last night’s stars
a love poem relation
twinkling in silence
proclaims the postcard

last night’s breeze
yesterday’s sun shine
a sun burnt face
feeling the flame

morning’s first curtain call
panoramic portal
cuddling close cohesion
dawdling dawn serenade

first light lingering
the warmth of a window
dew dancing delight
settles on the overgrown grasslands
baptized my backyard

napowrimo day 15. 2021 April PAD challenge. write a (blank) story.


3ww. slow slip

rearranging a recall
idle, close and calm
spotless, bent and round

tumultuous touch you speak
pantomime power press
bewitched the breath animus

we mingle in mighty madness
hitch a ride astride the quarter moon
swinging light and blue

we drank a dark deep
nearer to the next rise of temporal
fixed fiery stars muster mumble

fugue flight our futureĀ faint
tomorrow’s timidity coverlet
submerged floating trance
you left a bite of tenderness

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
three word wednesday: drank, hitch, muster