OneSingleImpression, Poetry


written in wonder
chronicles nature buried
rainbow related

captured overhead
pure optical illusion
deluge of water

fountains of the deep
floodgates open arrid sky
convenant appears

destruction desolved
floating raft menagerie
awaits olive branch

sky water and sun
moonbows captured in the light
heaven’s mystery
* * * * * * *

one single impression no 20: myth;
photo: stonefaction, flickr

Poetry, StoryBookCollaborative


nocturnal quietude
half moon present
jupiter adjacent allures

portal ajar
rushing sound stirs
soothing liquid deluge

disguised zephyr
camouflaged limbs
bearer of the mask sky

tethered to time
envelope encased
shining bright gold
torquoise blue mane

brief acquiesce
allowable glimpse
brushed kindred assemble
ancestral voices testify

the wind follows
nocturnal restoration
watered oracle withdraws
* * * * * * * * * *

a thursday prompt storybook collaborative recently noted… for more stories and paintings do pass thru;
photo: rick mobbs


a thousand nights

warm summer evenings
light drops of everything
dwell the still air
stirring the invisible

talkative stars
hopes and dreams
pasted perfection
measured mucilage

slivered moon
wonderous witness
imparts a soothing song
melodious shifting tides

transparent passage
parting waves beckon
tread upon the multitude
sandy singing shores
tiny wet grains

salty breeze encounters
veiled moments declare
tablets of time
rushing to shore
soon washed away
constant moving current

here beside the shore
embracing essence
the world chats freely
to those who listen
cool wet sand

a montage of evenings spent by the beach

SundayScribblings No 114 topic: my nights; photo:Manhattan Pier – Silky Surf 2, originally uploaded by Dan90266.



Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural
photo: fairy, MariposaViajera, photobucket


once there was a time
when we trusted the touch
of our intrinsic embrace

hic et nunc
captivated by cupidity
bound in fettered indulgence
aloof the stars behold

de novo la luna
kindles the speechless silence
murmuring caressing words

sparked by songs of suggestion
soothing strings the harp sings
my hands bound in frugality

forever near in promised sleep
our plight remains unheeded